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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

68519 - Discipline content for Biology in the speciality subjects of Biology and Geology at Secondary and VIth form level

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Academic Year:
68519 - Discipline content for Biology in the speciality subjects of Biology and Geology at Secondary and VIth form level
Faculty / School:
107 - Facultad de Educación
359 - University Master's in Secondary School Teaching: Biology and Geology
415 -
Second Four-month period
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1.1. Introduction

This course aims to review the scientific contents of biology which comprise the different subjects that can teach in the specialty of biology (primary and secondary school). This subject has been organized by selecting those aspects of interest in the field of biology, fundamental aspects that can and should complement the training in biology for graduates from other specialties.

We recommend that the assistance and active participation of the students. Students should know that they have the continued support of teachers of the course reflected in the tutorials designed to give effect to this support.

2.1. Learning goals

The student, to overcome this course, shall demonstrate the following results:

  1. Be able to explain and analyze the scientific contents of the area of biology that will be used in the different subjects of biology.
  2. Be able to prioritize these biological contents according to its educational value, taking into account the characteristics of the cycle (ESO, Bachillerato) that fits each of the subjects.
  3. Be able to design original educational strategies to increase the interest of pupils in the learning of biological processes.

Be able to carry out a critical analysis of different issues that have social relevance in the current context of the biology

5.2. Learning tasks

The course includes the following learning tasks:

  • Lectures
  • Practice sessions. Lecture's contents are complemented by practice sessions consisting of problem-solving and practical cases. Some of the syllabus topics may be complemented with documentaries on biological topics.
  • Oral presentations. Students will periodically do oral presentations to explain and present a particular teaching unit.

5.3. Syllabus

The course will address the following topics:

  • Topic I: Biology from a global perspective.
  • Topic II: Biochemistry and Molecular biology. Bioenergetics.
  • Topic III: Cell biology.
  • Topic IV: Health and disease.

Practice sessions topic III

  • Know and compare different forms of cell life.
  • Carry out simple stains.
  • Identify pictures of the different cell organelles.