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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

522 - Master's in Legal Practice

60734 - Professional Deontology

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Academic Year:
60734 - Professional Deontology
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102 - Facultad de Derecho
522 - Master's in Legal Practice
First semester
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5.3. Syllabus





Unit 1: The lawyers and their professional associations.

(1.1) The legal profession: the profession of law in the past.

(1.2) The profession of law: modernity and current time.

(1.3) The Bar associations: purposes, functions and decision-making bodies.

(1.4) The regional councils, General Council of the Bar and the CCBE.


Unit 2: Deontology and rules to Spanish law. Deontology and rules to spanish law

(2.1) Professional ethics fields. Definition of deontology of the lawyer.

(2.2) Types of ethical standards, legal and corporate sources.

(2.3) The General of the Spanish legal profession status. Prohibitions, incompatibilities and general duties.

(2.4) The code of Ethics of the Spanish legal profession.

(2.5) The code of Ethics of Lawyers  of the EU and of the CCBE.


Unit 3: Deontology's principles.

(3.1) Professional freedom principle: choice of client, defense and expression.

(3.2) Principle of independence: the judge and the client (conflict of interest).

(3.3) Principle of dignity and transparency.

(3.4) Principle of integrity and honesty.

(3.5) Principle of confidentiality and professional secrecy.


Unit 4: Professional responsibility.

(4.1) Civil liability: lex artis and due diligence. Insurance and compensation for damages.

(4.2) Disciplinary liability: Lawyers associations  and its procedure and judicial (police benchs).

(4.3) Criminal liability: special types: cover-up, obstruction of Justice, professional disloyalty.


Unit  5: Relationship: lawyer- client and lawyer-other party.

(5.1) Diligence as principal obligation with the client.

(5.2) Relationship of trust. Custom sheet.

(5.3) Duty to inform

(5.4) The resignation of the Lawyer and the obligation to continue with the defense.

(5.5) Procedural cruelty: disproportionate means.

(5.6) The other party and his lawyer: respect and abstention.


Unit  6: Relationship between lawyer and other lawyers .

(6.1) Peculiarities of the relationship with his colleagues.

(6.2) The permission: succession in defense.

(6.3) Communications and correspondences between lawyers.

(6.4) Actions against lawyers.

(6.5) Other situations to keep in mind.


Unit  7: Relations of the lawyer with the Bar association .

(7.1) The obligations contained in the code of Ethics.

(7.2) The associatives charges: Associations fees and your defaults.

(7.3) Respect to the Association governing bodies.

(7.4) The duty of abstention and the right of petition.


Unit 8: Relations of the lawyer with the courts and third parties .

(8.1) Formal obligations: the due respect.

(8.2) Material obligations: veracity and loyalty.

(8.3) "Police benchs" and action in the courtroom.

(8.4) Punctuality and attendance to judicial rulings.

(8.5) Relationship with solicitors and other participants or legal professionals

5.4. Course planning and calendar

La asignatura se imparte en el primer semestre del primer curso, en el periodo establecido en el calendario académico que publica cada año Rectorado.


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