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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

445 - Degree in Tourism

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Academic Year:
29102 - Modern language (english)
Faculty / School:
177 - Escuela Universitaria de Turismo
445 - Degree in Tourism
First semester
Subject Type:
Basic Education

5.1. Methodological overview

Activities to reinforce the different skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) : reading books or newspaper articles, writing compositions, listening to songs and watching videos, debates and oral presentations.

Students should be responsible for their own learning process: the acquisition, improvement and development of their own competences.

5.2. Learning tasks

Theoretical and practical sessions to work on lexicon and grammar.

Practical sessions to debate, comment and consult general and specific topics from the programme.

Group sessions for power point presentations

Different practical activities, both in and out of the classroom, along the semester.

5.3. Syllabus

Grammatical Revision

1. Phonetics

2. Prepositions

3. Reflexive pronouns

4. Frequency adverbs

5. Verbs

6. Adjectives

7. Phrasal verbs (1)

8. Modal verbs.

9. Used to/Be used to

10. So and such

11. The passive

12. Infinitives & gerunds

13. Reported speech

14. Conditional sentences /Wish

15. Phrasal verbs (2)

16. Linking words (time, result, cause, purpose clauses)



1. Self-introduction (appearance, parts of your body, clothes, behaviour, personality).


2. People and places. Family life. Education. Jobs.


3. Travel. Languages. Countries and Cultures.


4. English speaking countries


5. Preferences, opinions and feelings (Hobbies: Sports, music, books, films...).


    Shopping. Restaurants (food, cooking).


 6.Introduction to the world of Tourism. Tourist destinations.


5.4. Course planning and calendar

The sessions will be scheduled following the academic calendar and the subject timetable.

There will be 4 theoretical-practical sessions per week. The topics in the program will be used to reinforce the use of the four skills: writing , speaking, listening and reading.


Tutorials will be organised according to timetables, once the academic year has started.


Oral and written activities will take place when indicated by the teacher, being necessary the continuous effort of the student along the semester. The activities will be evaluated taking into consideration: the presentation, previous preparation, contents and the accuracy in the use of the language (specific vocabulary and grammatical structures) for each topic.


5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources

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