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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

429 - Degree in Public Management and Administration

29030 - Administrative Language

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Academic Year:
29030 - Administrative Language
Faculty / School:
228 - Facultad de Empresa y Gestión Pública
429 - Degree in Public Management and Administration
First semester
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5.1. Methodological overview

The learning process designed for this subject is based on: 1) onsite theory sessions, with lecture by the teaching; 2) study and autonomous work of the students; 3) practical exercises and delivery to teaching in the fixed term; 4) commentary of a book and delivery to teaching in the fixed term; also, commentary of a paper of specialized review (with oral presentation in onsite session for discussion with the students).


5.2. Learning tasks

The program that is offert to student for to aid him to get the expected outcomes comprises this activities:

Lecture class. Will consist in the exposition of the lectures by the teaching, encouraging the partipation of the students. The purpose is to transmit the essential notions of the theory syllabus of the subject, in a clear and systematical way, encouraging moreover the student to the autonomous study and to deepen in concrete questions. The students will complete the explanation with the reading and consultation of the books that are recommended in the bibliography. The lectures are one more recourse for the students that desire to profit it, but it’s not requirement of presence in all sessions; besides, the presence it’n not objetct of assessment.

Practical exercises. Will be fulfilled exercises of text analysis and commentary, text correction and documents writing. The analysed texts will be contributed for the teaching or for the students. The students will fulfill four exercises at least, as individual work. Some exercise of text analysis and text correction will be able to working in group sessions.

Book review. Te students will fulfill a book review, of the books indicated for the teaching in the specific bibliography; also, a commentary of a paper of specialized  review, eligible of a list furnished for the teaching. Will be suppled also a prospect for their writing. The book review will be delivered to the reaching in the fixed term. Te commentary of a paper of specialized review will be able to expound a oral presentation in onsite session for discussion with the other students. 

5.3. Syllabus


  1. Specialized or technolectals languages.
  2. The administrative language as the Spanish technolectal .
  3. Orthographic uses .
  4. Abbreviation procedures.
  5. Morphological aspects.
  6. Syntax issues.
  7. Locutions, periphrases and idiomatic phrases.
  8. The lexicon.
  9. Treatments
  10. The style.
  11. Types of adminsitrative documents.
  12. Citizens documents.


Practices program

Practice 1. Parsing of an administrative text: identification of general techonolectals features.

Practice 2. Parsing of text: parsing and commentary of questions on graphic accentuation, punctuation signs, auxiliary signs and capital letters usages.

Practice 3. Identification, interpretation and classifying of abbreviation  procedures.

Practice 4. Parsing and comment on  syntactical and morphological aspects..

Practice 5. Parsing and comment on phraseology and lexical aspects.

Practice 6. Parsing and comment on treatment and style aspects.

Practice 7. Correction of a text.

Practice 8. Identification and classifying of administrative texts.

Practice 9. Writing of  an administrative document.

Practice 10. Writing of  citizens document.

5.4. Course planning and calendar

The course includes 3 ECTS, organized according to:

– Atendance on site theory sessions (tecture of contents)........................ 22 hours

– Atendance on sit epractic esessions (exercises)......................................10 hours

– Seminar (text analysis and text correction).............................................6 hours

– Individual work (commentary of a book, composition of texts)............... 15 hours

– Autonomous work (study of coursecontents)..........................................12 hours

–Atendance to orientation tutorials (doubts resolution)............................   3 hours

– Exams preparation (review)....................................................................5hours

– A written final examistaken (written assessment)................................... 2 hours

Total student’swork =.........................................................................75 hours ( = 3 ECTS)

5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources

[BB: Basic bibliography / BC: Complementary bibliography]

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