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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

429 - Degree in Public Management and Administration

29006 - General Administrative Law

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Academic Year:
29006 - General Administrative Law
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228 - Facultad de Empresa y Gestión Pública
429 - Degree in Public Management and Administration
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5.1. Methodological overview

The learning process of this subject is based on…

The subject General Administrative Law shall consist of theoretical part and practical part. This methodology includes theoretical classes, case studies, work with electronic resources, reading of judgments and papers and autonomous work of the student.

The method adopts the following strategies:

1. To do that the student is a copartner of the learning process that demostrate the participants are able to continue learning on their own after the class has ended.

2. To train in social and ethical values.

3. To train in quality, to promote education based on active and participative methods.

5.2. Learning tasks

The student will be helped to achieve these aims by the following activities….

  1. Theoretical classes. The theoretical classes will be consist of magisterial lessons. Besides transmiting the main notions of the discipline in a clear, systematic and sintetic form. Professor will try to encourage the student participation in the classes.
  2.  Practical exercises and case studies. The professor will be provide practical exercises to the students will be solve them following the instructions published in the terms of reference of each exercise. Most of the time, students will have to work individually that will be delivered to the professor in time. Exercises can also be solved in the classes.
  3.  Personal work of the student. The academic calendar will be able to include activities directed of reading and studing the bibliographical recommended material and analysis of the current issues.

5.3. Syllabus


I.  Introduction and sources of administrative law

Lesson 1.Concept of public administration and administrative law.

Lesson 2.  National law and administrative regulation

II.  Administrative organization
Lesson 3.  Administrative organization
Lesson 4.  Central government
Lesson 5. The autonomous communities
Lesson 6. Local  government
Lesson 7. Otherpublicadministration in Spain

III.   Administrative procedure and citizen´s legal protection
Lesson 8. Relationship between citizens and the public administration
Lesson 9. Principle of legality and public service´s powers
Lesson 10.Administative act
Lesson 11. Review of administrative acts
Lesson 12. Inactivity by the public service
Lesson 13. The administrative procedure (I)
Lesson 14. The administrative procedure (II)
Lesson 15.Protection of citizens against administrative decisions
Lesson 16.Administrative jurisdiction
Lesson 17.Responsibility of the public administration.
IV.   Public sector contracts and state property
Lesson 18.Public sector contracts (I)
Lesson 19.Public sector contracts (II)         
Lesson 20.State property
V.   Activities of the public administration and public authority
Lesson 21.Capacity-building activity
Lesson 22. Sanctioning powers
Lesson 23. Forced expropriation

5.4. Course planning and calendar

The calendar of the theoretical and practical activities will be published on the electronic platform of the subject. The notices relating to assessment will publish on the “message board” of the electronic platform (moodle).



Practice sessions






Autonomous work



5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources

[BB: Basic bibliography / BC: Complementary bibliography]

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