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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

429 - Degree in Public Management and Administration

29005 - Applied statistics

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Academic Year:
29005 - Applied statistics
Faculty / School:
228 - Facultad de Empresa y Gestión Pública
429 - Degree in Public Management and Administration
Second semester
Subject Type:
Basic Education

5.1. Methodological overview

The learning process that has been designed for this subject is based on the following:

Given the applied nature of the subject, the practical aspects will predominate in the methodology. However, it will be necessary to have mastery of a series of basic theoretical contents, to be able to solve the practical assumptions with the appropriate tools, and to interpret the results correctly.

5.2. Learning tasks

Given the fact that this is mostly an applied subject, practical aspects will prevail in the methodology used.  Nevertheless, students will need to master basic theoretical content to be able to solve mathematical problems with the appropriate tools, as well as to interpret results accurately.

During the second term, the students’ timetable marks two two-hour-face to face sessions for this subject. The blackboard, together with the projection of lecture notes, previously available to students at the ADD and some other online resources, will be used to expose theoretical and practical content.  Content related mathematical problems, whose solution will be shown through EXCEL spreadsheets, will also be done in the classroom.

In the periods allocated for practices, more in depth work will be done in small groups involving problem solving and essay writing.

At face-to-face tutorial time, students will be individually catered for to solve any doubts that might arise during their learning process.

5.3. Syllabus


  1. Introduction. General concepts. Meanings of the term Statistic. A brief history. Applications of statistics in different fields of knowledge, paying particular attention his presence in the field of Public Administrations.
  2. Frequency distribution. Graphic representations. Statistical variable. Attribute. Frequency distributions.
  3. Measures of location. Arithmetic mean and properties. Geometric mean. Harmonic mean. Median. Mode. Quartiles.
  4. Measures of variability. Range, semi-interquartile range, mean deviation, variance, standard deviation. Coefficient of variation.
  5. Shape and concentrations parameters. Pearson’s coefficient of skewness. Fisher’s coefficient of skewness. Bowley’s coefficient of skewness. Kurtosis coefficient g2. The GIM Index. The Lorenz curve.
  6. Bivariate distributions. Bivariate frequency distribution. Graphic representation. Marginal distributions. Conditional distributions. Independent Statistics. Covariance.
  7. Adjustment methods. The Method of Least Squares. The Linear adjustment.
  8. Regression and correlation. Regression lines. Regression coefficient. Linear correlation coefficient.


9. Index numbers. Simple and composite index numbers. Price index numbers. Quantity index numbers. Deflation (inflation adjustment). Consumer price index (CPI)

10. Time series. Numerical and graphical representations. Time series components: trend, cyclical, seasonal and irregular. Additive and multiplicative models.




11. Introduction to Probability. Sample space. Events. Formal definition of probability. Counting techniques.

12. Conditional probability and independence. Total probability theorem. Bayes theorem.

13. Random variables and probability distributions. Discrete probability distributions: binomial and Poisson. Mean and standard deviation of a discrete probability distribution.

14. Continuous probability distributions: Normal distribution. The probability density function of the normal distribution. Applications.

5.4. Course planning and calendar

Schedule sessions and presentation of Works:






Teacher presentation. Comment of the teaching guide.
1.  Introduction.
2.  Frequency distribution. Graphic representations.


4 hours


3. Measures of location.4. Measures of variability

4 hours


5. Shape and concentrations parameters

4 hours


5. Shape and concentrations parameters

6. Bivariate distributions

4 hours


7. Adjustment methods

8. Regression.  Correlation

4 hours


8. Regression.  Correlation

4 hours


9. Index numbers

4 hours


9. Index numbers

4 hours


10. Time series

4 hours


10. Time series

4 hours


10.   Time series
11.    Introduction to Probability

 4 hours


12.   Conditional probability and independence
13.   Random variables and probability distributions


4 hours


13. Discrete probability distributions

4 hours


14. Continuous probability distributions: Normal distribution

4 hours


Probability problems

4 hours

Working time (in hours):
Attendance to theoretical classes: 30
Attendance to practical classes: 30
Tutoring assistance: 8
Autonomous student work: 77
Testing: 5
Total student work: 150 (6 ECTS)

5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources

[BB: Basic bibliography / BC: Complementary bibliography]

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