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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

451 - Degree in Veterinary Science

28442 - Clinical Practice: Production Animals

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Academic Year:
28442 - Clinical Practice: Production Animals
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105 - Facultad de Veterinaria
451 - Degree in Veterinary Science
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5.1. Methodological overview

The methodology followed in this course is oriented towards achievement of the learning objectives.

The students are actively involved accompanying veterinary professionals in their work day on farms of various animal species. They will work on both productive and health aspects. In case of detecting interesting clinical problems in any of these visits, affected animals will be included in the section corresponding to the postmortem practicum.

The Practicum of poultry and rabbits presents special difficulties due to the strict conditions of biosafety and confidentiality with which the sector works. For this reason there may be times when it is not possible to ensure a sufficient number of authorized visits to commercial farms; In the event of such a situation, the Faculty plans, as an exceptional case, to transfer part of these practices to its own facilities, ensuring that the associate professor and the postmortem diagnostic teachers will present to the students a sufficiently representative number of clinical and practical cases.

The program of visits of this subject can vary in case of declaration of sanitary emergency.

5.2. Learning tasks

• Visits to commercial farms of different species: Evaluate the management conditions, health and welfare of the animals; Propose corrective measures; Apply management and diagnostic techniques under the supervision of the teacher.

• Seminars for the resolution of doubts from visits, extension of knowledge, or resolution of exercises, clinical cases and postmortem diagnosis.

• Individual or team-based works.

• Carrying out necropsies and learning the methodology of veterinary pathology diagnosis through the study of clinical cases

5.3. Syllabus

• Milk cow: 2 visits to the farm, each 3.5 hours.
• Beef cattle: 4 hours of visits to various farms, and 2 seminars of 1.5 hours duration.
• Sheep: 2 farm visits, 3.5 hours each, and 1 1-hour seminar on health programs
• Porcine: 2 visits to different farms of 4 hours each, and 7 hours of seminars aimed at solving doubts, preparation of reports, resolution of clinical cases, and deepening in certain relevant aspects.
• Birds (laying hens and chickens) and Rabbits. In all cases, 3 visits to different farms of 4 hours each, and 2 seminars of 1.5 hours oriented to resolve doubts, prepare reports, solve practical cases, and deepen in certain relevant aspects.
• Necropsies: 10 hours per student performing necropsies sent to the Anatomopathological Diagnosis Service of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
• Anatomopathological Diagnosis: Assistance of a minimum of 20 hours to the discussion of the macroscopic diagnosis of clinical cases referred to the Anatomopathological Diagnosis Service of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
• Seminars practicum postmortem: 8 one-hour seminars per student.

5.4. Course planning and calendar



Practicum ruminants


Practicum porcine


Practicum birds and rabbits


Practicum postmortem



The specific timetable of each group of practices in each of the activities scheduled will be published in advance on the website of the Faculty.

The works or reports requested by the teachers must be delivered as a general rule within one month after the corresponding activity is carried out.