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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

451 - Degree in Veterinary Science

28402 - Ethnology & Animal Welfare

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Academic Year:
28402 - Ethnology & Animal Welfare
Faculty / School:
105 - Facultad de Veterinaria
451 - Degree in Veterinary Science
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5.1. Methodological overview

5.1. Presentation of the global methodology



The learning process of this subject is based in all the next activities:


Theory. The program indicated for the subject will be developed in this activity, see point 5.3. This program will be previously known by the students with respect to the annual program and with respect to a guide book. All this will be complemented with other resources as CDs, typed sheets and triptychs.


Practice. Breed diagnosis, these lessons will be related with breed differentiation in the most important domestic species. Many of them will be prepared by the own students, always helped by the teachers of the subject.


Practice in classroom. About reproductive and productive problems.


Practice. Personal work about any theme related with the Ethnology: any breed, variety, breed group, and also about morphological aspects, social opinions and/or utility.


Practice. Management of 3 different species. In this on-farm lectures, the main morphological aspects and identification systems for each species will also be showed.


Animal fair.


Personal and continuous evaluation. This evaluation will be related with all the points related across the academic period. For example of that, small tests will be performed, they will be run in the own classroom, with evaluation at the moment and with a positive note for all the students with excellent results.


Animal Welfare

The learning group in this part of the course will use the following teaching resources:

-Lectures in the classroom

-Practices in the video room with digital video of our animal welfare experiments.

-Practices with animals in the experimental farm (welfare assessment in laying hens)

-Field studies in groups of four students. Data collection, data analysis, field report presentation.

-Case studies (home work) and resolution in classroom with the instructor (mainly focussed in animal welfare legislation application to real cases). 

-Tutorials in lab/office (mainly related to the design and realization of the field works)

-Seminar and debate with invited speaker (expert of some animal welfare hot topics).

-Course frame in the Digital Platform of the University Moddle2 (all material and students communication will be conducted in this digital platform).

-Theory evaluation (multiple choice-test) at the end of the course (weight 60%).

-Evaluation of home works, case studies and field work reports (weight 40%).

-Tutorials by e-mail with the instructor.

-Availability at the beginning of the Course Manual “Animal Welfare” (114 pp.), prepared by the responsible teacher, including all the material explained in the course in class, actualized every year with the most recent material related to animal welfare topics in Europe. The manual contain all the recommended literature used in the elaboration of the manual. This manual will be mainly useful for those students with difficulties to attend the theory classes, complemented with tutorial by e-mail or in the lab/office.

-Availability at the beginning of the course of the PDF version of the Power Point presentations of the Instructors (in the digital platform).

-Availability of all case studies to be solved by the student in hard copy and pdf, before the case resolution in class with the instructors.

-At the end of the course and after exams, students will be able to evaluate the course and the instructors. This evaluation will be realized using the digital platform of the University (ATENEA). 

5.2. Learning tasks


The program offered to help the student to get the results includes the next programmed activities:

-Theory in classroom.

-Practical lesson in classroom.

-Practical lessons on-farm.

-Personal work.


Animal Welfare

All classes and activities will be programmed at the beginning of the course (Animal Welfare Course will start in early February –spring term-). Please, see groups and calendars in the web site of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and check periodically for possible small changes during the course.

5.3. Syllabus


Hours Theory

Hours Practice




Introduction to the subject and main definitions




Systematic of the breed classifications. Baron.




Physiology-related productive indexes (reproductive, farm and productive).




Productive and reproductive problems).




Work related with the Ethnology. Half an hour about methodology aspects and half and hour about individual attention.



75 and personal

Identification of farm animals (natural, artificial methods).




Identification of farm animals.




Management and regional peculiarities

Small ruminants.












Animal fair




Multi-species, farm and animal wild park.




Breed differentiation.

Horses. (Introduction, big breed, other breed, donkeys and hybrids).




Bovines. (Introduction, world breeds grouped by aptitudes and Spanish breeds).




Clues to bovine breed differentiation.




Ovine. (Introduction, world breeds grouped by ethnological types and Spanish breeds).




Clues to ovine breed differentiation.




Goats. (Introduction world breeds grouped by aptitudes and Spanish breeds).




Clues to goat breed differentiation.




Pigs. (Introduction, hybrids, world breeds and Spanish breeds).




Clues to pig breed differentiation.




Rabbits. (Introduction and breed classification).




Clues to rabbit breed differentiation.




Poultry. (Introduction, main breeds inside the main species). 




Clues to poultry breed differentiation.




Pet birds. (Introduction and classification of the main species).




Dogs. (Introduction and main aspect related with this species).




Cats. (Introduction and main breeds).




Clues to cat breeds differentiation.








TOTAL (hours)







Animal Welfare


Animal Welfare. Thematic program.




Animal welfare. Concepts and definition


Animal Welfare in the context of the agro-ecosystem.


Ethic and animal welfare


The human-animal bond


Violence and animal abuse


Animal welfare and the food market


Ethology and animal welfare


Problems derived from animal confinement


Relation between production and animal welfare


Genetic selection for productivity and its effect on animal welfare


Animal welfare: adaptive response (stress) and definition


Biological cost of the adaptation


Animal welfare definitions


Animal welfare assessment


Multi-index approach for animal welfare assessment


Levels of assessment


Animal welfare indicators: sensitivity to stress


The Welfare Quality approach in the UE


Animal welfare as a production aim


Animal production systems and animal welfare 


Common aspects to al systems: transport and handling


Transport and animal welfare


Transport as a housing system


Rules for animal transportation in UE


Critical points during transport: ventilation and environmental control


The concepts of natural handling of livestock


Strategies for livestock natural handling


Vision type of domestic animal. Fearfulness in dichromatic animals.


Stress factors during transport


Fear reaction. Concepts.


Fear definition. Assessment of negative emotions. Related terms.


Fear assessment.


Determining factors of fear.


Concepts of pain


Pain definition


Assessment of pain


Concept of suffering


Definition of suffering


Sensory and cognitive capacities. Welfare implications


Recognising and assessment animal suffering


Stress response and meat quality


Pre-slaughter handling and welfare consequences


Effect of stress on meat quality


Post-mortem metabolic changes and meat quality


Stress related meat defects


The slaughter process


Ante-mortem inspection


Stunning and slaughter


Stunning and slaughter control PNT. The welfare responsible figure.



Animal production systems. Critical points associated to animal welfare

The egg production system using battery cage. Laying hens.


The poultry meat production system with broiler.


The swine meat production system with high prolific sows.


The intensive cattle milk production system.


The cattle intensive meat production system. Feed lot.


The livestock contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions (GGELS)


The intensive lamb meat production system using classification centres.

Welfare issues on companion animals and no domestic confined animals


Dog and cat applied Ethology concepts


Aspects of animal welfare of companion animals. 


Aspects of animal welfare on captive no-domestic animals (Zoo-like systems)






5.4. Course planning and calendar


The time table of the Ethnology will be adapted to the academic calendar. Each student will receive a total of 28 hours of theory and 17 hours of practical lessons. These last include: 4 hours of animal management, 2 hour of identification methods, 9 hours of breed differentiation (see program), 1 hour of solving productive and reproductive problems and 1 hour for preparing the index and methodology of the personal work..


This personal work will be presented at the end of the Christmas time and will be evaluated during January. In any case some voluntary sessions of personal auto-evaluation will be performed.



For a more detailed calendar see:






Animal Welfare


Summary table for the results and methodology used in the animal welfare part (spring term)

The academic calendar offer a total of 27 lecture hours (theory) and 18 “non-theoretical”  lecture hours (practices in lab/hospital, practices in farm, field studies, case studies and seminars).





1. To understand and explain the animal welfare issues in the EU,  in the context of the agro-ecosystem and all animals under the care of  humans.

Lectures and manual

Documents on digital platform

Field surveys

Reports and posters



Field work

Case studies

2. To know and explain the ethical compromise of the Vet Professionals in relation to the animal welfare issues in EU. To know and understand the importance of the human animal bond and to detect cases of animal violence and abuse.

Lectures and manual

Survey, reports

Document available on digital platform



Case studies

3. To know the animal welfare definition according to the new EU concept based on the five freedoms.

Lectures and manual

Documents available in digital platform



4. To know the physiological base of the stress response in domestic and other captive animals.

Lectures and manual

Documents available in digital platform



5. To understand the relationship between animal welfare and product quality (including the ethical value of the product).

Lectures and manual

Case studies

Documents available in digital platform



Case studies

Home work

6. To know the animal welfare assessment methods and the animal welfare indicators in function of its validity, feasibility and viability.


Practices in farm

Case studies

Documents available in digital platform



Practice farm

Cases studies

Home work

7. To know the animal welfare legislation and to use this legislation in case studies based on case studies.

Case studies

Documents available in digital platform


Cases studies

Home work

8. To know the main intensive animal production systems (overview), with a critical perspective in relation to the animal welfare risks, proposing  possible solutions in the context of the new food markets.


Case studies

Documents available in digital platform



Case studies

Home work

Practice at the farm

9. To evaluate and distinguish the normal and abnormal behaviours in dog and cats.


Practices in lab




Practice in hospital

10. To recognize the critical points for animal welfare in companion animals.






11. To recognize the critical points for animal welfare in no-domestic captive animals (Zoo-type)






Animal Welfare



Exam    60%

Others   40%

5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources


Atlas of the world domestic farm animals. Editorial Servet, 2011. Author Carlos Sañudo Astiz. (A large basic bibliography it is also indicated in this book).

Also a list of recommended bibliography could be found in the site of the Library of the ZaragozaUniversity (


Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Manual(2016). Author: Gustavo A. María Levrino. Edited by University of Zaragoza. 114 pp. Legal Register: Z-46/2016. (Include bibliography detailed below).


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