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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

427 - Degree in Spanish

28065 - Segunda lengua II (árabe moderno)

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Academic Year:
28065 - Segunda lengua II (árabe moderno)
Faculty / School:
103 - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
427 - Degree in Spanish
Second semester
Subject Type:
Basic Education

5.1. Methodological overview

See "Learning activities " and "Syllabus".

More information will be provided on the first day of class.

5.2. Learning tasks

  • Theoretical lectures.
  • Practical lectures.
  • Individual work.
  • Personal study.
  • Assessment activities.


5.3. Syllabus


1. A. Sporting superstitions: Sports; past tenses (simple continuous, perfect)

B. Love at Exit 19: Relationships; usually and used to.

2. A. Shot on location: Cinema; passives (all tenses)

B. Judging by appearances: The body; modals of deduction: might, can’t, must.

3. A. Extraordinary school for boys: Education; fist conditional and future time clauses + when, until, etc. Make and let.

B. Ideal home: Houses; second conditional.

4. A. Sell and tell: Shopping, making nouns from verbs; reported speech (sentences and questions).

B. What’s the right job for you?: Work; gerunds and infinitives.

5.4. Course planning and calendar

See the academic calendar of the University of Zaragoza ( and the website of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (Schedule of classes:; Examination schedule:

More information will be provided on the first day of class.