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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

416 - Degree in English

27850 - Designing Activities for English Language Teaching

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Academic Year:
27850 - Designing Activities for English Language Teaching
Faculty / School:
103 - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
416 - Degree in English
4 and 3
Second semester
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5.1. Methodological overview

This is an enquiry-based module, designed to encourage the students' learning autonomy. It is also expected that the students get involved in both individual and group tasks. In these tasks the students will need to engage in analysis and critical reflection of ELT-related key concepts and issues and demonstrate their skills in critical thinking, autonomy, decision taking, leadership and management, and tolerance.

5.2. Learning tasks

Lectures. 1.2 ECTS. Onsite.

Enquiry-based activities dealing with key concepts and issues related to models for teaching / learning English as a Second Language, and paradigms in syllabus design for English as a Second or Foreign language in different classroom contexts.

Individual activities and group work. 1.8 ECTS. Onsite and offsite

These activities include the preparation, analysis and proposed solution of specific activities on issues related to teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

Autonomous work. 2.2 ECTS. Offsite

Compulsory reading, participation using the online learning platform. Individual work, search for library and electronic resources and use of Moodle.

Autonomous work. 0.7 ECTS. Offsite and online

Essay and lesson plan preparation.

Assessment tasks. 0.1 ECTS. Onsite.

TOTAL: 6 ECTS / 150 hours of student workload

5.3. Syllabus

(27850) Designing Activities for English Language Teaching

1. Syllabus design: definition and organising principles.

2. Approaches and methods in language teaching

3. Communicative language teaching and current approaches to language teaching

4. Planning and assessing learning: course design and classroom assessment.

5. Teaching the language system: Vocabulary, Grammar.

6. Developing the language skills.

Other learning resources

Students will have access to a Moodle course, which will be used as a tool to support classroom teaching. In the website of the course the student will have materials, multimedia resources, and working tools to support virtual learning.



5.4. Course planning and calendar


Assignment submission:

Submission of a lesson plan within a schedule agreed with the teacher. The deadline for submission is the date set by the Faculty for the global exam (20 % of the final grade)

See the academic calendar of the University of Zaragoza ( and the website of the Faculty of Arts.

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