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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

416 - Degree in English

27846 - The Pragmatics of Communication

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Academic Year:
27846 - The Pragmatics of Communication
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103 - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
416 - Degree in English
4 and 3
First semester
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5.1. Methodological overview

See "Learning activities " and "Syllabus".

More information will be provided on the first day of class.

5.2. Learning tasks

  • Theoretical lectures.
  • Practical lectures.
  • Individual work.
  • Personal study.
  • Assessment activities.

5.3. Syllabus

(27846) The Pragmatics of Communication

Topic 1: Introduction: Grammar, pragmatics, and discourse.

Topic 2: Speech acts, the cooperative principle, and Grice's maxims.

Topic 3: The interpersonal function of language: pragmatic politeness and metadiscourse.

Topic 4: Communication in written and spoken discourse/registers in English: pragmatic differences.

Topic 5: The pragmatics of written and spoken genres in English-medium communication.

Compulsory Readings

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Verschueren, J. (1999). Understanding Pragmatics. London, New York: Arnold Publishers. 




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5.4. Course planning and calendar

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More information will be provided on the first day of class.

5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources

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