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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

421 - Degree in Law

27722 - Administrative Law: Special Part

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Academic Year:
27722 - Administrative Law: Special Part
Faculty / School:
102 - Facultad de Derecho
421 - Degree in Law
Second semester
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1.1. Introduction


Special Administrative Law

Information on the Teaching Plan

Academic year 2017/18

Academic centre 102 - Facultad de Derecho

Degree 421 - Graduado en Derecho

University/College credits 6.0

Class 3

Course term Second semester

Type of subject Mandatory

Module ---


5.1. Methodological overview

Activities and resources

The activities´ program is the task of the professor in charge of each group, as they may have a variety of proposals and therefore it might be modified according to the professor´s criteria and their own teaching experience.

5.3. Syllabus

Brief Introduction to the subject

This subject allows the student to deepen the study of some Administrative activity sectors, aiming to their specialization. The subject is structured in four thematic blocks and seven chapters:

  1. 1.     First thematic block (chapters 1 to 2): The contractual activity of the public sector.
  2. 2.     Second thematic block (chapters 2 to 4): Sanctioning and expropriatory power
  3. Third thematic block (chapter 5): The activity of the public administrations.
  4. Fourth thematic block (chapters 6 to 7): Public Property