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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

450 - Degree in Marketing and Market Research

27637 - Public and Non for profit Marketing

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Academic Year:
27637 - Public and Non for profit Marketing
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109 - Facultad de Economía y Empresa
450 - Degree in Marketing and Market Research
First semester
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5.1. Methodological overview

The learning process that has been designed for this course is based on the following activities:

The learning process designed for this course is based on a combination of theoretical lectures, teamwork, problem-solving activities and case studies, as well as the discussion of texts and papers.

5.2. Learning tasks

The programme offered to the students to help them achieve the learning results includes the following activities...

  • Theoretical lectures: introduce the theoretical concepts together with real examples which facilitate the comprehension and application of these concepts.

  • Troubleshooting and presentation of real problems and cases, elaboration and presentation of projects, discussion of current and emerging topics, essays and interactive activities. All these activities will be carried out both inside and outside the classroom, individually or in groups.

  • Tutorials and/or seminars: the professors will supervise the projects carried out by the students, clarify their doubts about the theoretical and/or practical contents of the subject, and propose specific tasks in which the theoretical concepts will be put into practice.

  • Independent work: this includes the study of the theoretical and practical contents, the resolution of practical exercises, the development of individual and/or in-group activities, the search for and analysis of information, among others.

  • Evaluation activities.

5.3. Syllabus

Unit 1. Introduction to public and nonprofit marketing

1.1. The extension of the scope of marketing

1.2. Causes of marketing implementation in different organisations

1.3. Meaning of marketing

1.4. Nonprofit marketing: concept and fields of application


Unit 2. Social Marketing

2.1. Concept and objectives

2.2. Elements of social campaigns

2.3. Challenges of social marketing

2.4. Differences between general marketing and social marketing

2.5. Social marketing strategy


Unit 3. Marketing for nonprofit organisations

3.1. The concept of nonprofit organisations

3.2. Target audiences

3.3. Segmentation and positioning

3.4. Marketing instruments

3.5. Fundraising

3.5.1. Concept

3.5.2.  Fundraising phases

3.5.3.  Funding sources

3.6. Relationships between nonprofit organisations and individuals

3.6.1. Introduction

3.6.2. Why do people give?

3.6.3.  Marketing strategies

3.7. Relationships between nonprofit organisations and other organisations

3.7.1. Introduction

3.7.2. Relationships with organisations: Cause-related marketing strategy


Unit 4. Public marketing

4.1. Concept

4.2. Public marketing consumers and users

4.3. Operative public marketing


Unit 5. Political marketing

5.1. Concept

5.2. Analysis of the political market

5.3. Political marketing mix. Product, price and place

5.3. Political marketing mix. Communication


Unit 6. Marketing extensions: City marketing

6.1. Concept and origin

6.2. City marketing information systems

6.3. Planning city marketing strategies

6.4. Action plan