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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

26761 - Histology I (General Histology)

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Academic Year:
26761 - Histology I (General Histology)
Faculty / School:
104 - Facultad de Medicina
229 - Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud y del Deporte
304 - Degree in Medicine
305 - Degree in Medicine
Second semester
Subject Type:
Basic Education

5.1. Methodological overview

The learning of Histology I (General Histology) is based on the exposure in classroom classes of the theoretical knowledge that will be necessary for the descriptions of microphotographies that the students will carry out in the seminars and to recognize, in the practical sessions, the various types of tissues and the various elements (cells or extracellular material) that integrate them and the organization of the skin.

The students have a website ( in which they can find an "Atlas of Histology" formed by a collection of microphotographs taken from the histological preparations that can be studied in the practice room and some hyperlinks to other websites.


In addition, students can find in the ADD:

The program of theoretical and practical classes

The calendar of theoretical classes, seminars and practices

Teaching materials of each of the subjects

The recommended bibliography


The students will have an interactive DVD designed by the teachers who teach the subject in Zaragoza so that they can study the same histological preparations that they have access to in the microscope room (CONTAMINA, P., P. PARRA Y M . ROJO GARCÍA, Histology Atlas. virtual histological preparations. Ed. Presses University of Zaragoza, 1st ed., interactive DVD, 2013). In the seminars, the students will present and discuss with each other and with the teachers the doubts that have arisen from the study of this material.

The students of Huesca have a website designed by the teacher who teaches in Huesca (

5.2. Learning tasks

The program offered to the student to help achieve the expected results includes the following activities ...


In the lectures will be taught theoretical content of the subject counting on the students have previously studied the subject, taking as a reference the information obtained on the website.


The practical classes will be taught in the microscope room and the students will handle the optical microscope and study the histological samples that will have at their disposal.


The seminars will consist of the presentation by a group of students of microphotographs of histological preparations of the subjects already studied. These microphotographs will include images obtained from the referred website and the interactive DVD in which the students have digitized the practice preparations.


Throughout the course the students will prepare a video or presentation with images containing different subjects of the subject.

These works will form a "virtual atlas" consisting of images in which the fundamental elements (cell types, extracellular material ...) of the various tissues studied in the course will be identified and labeled.

5.3. Syllabus

Theoretical program



Topic 1. Introduction to Histology


Epithelial tissue

Topic 2. Introduction to epithelial tissue

Topic 3. Epithelia

Topic 4. Exocrine Glands

Topic 5. Endocrine Glands


Supporting /connective tissues

Topic 6. Introduction to Supporting /connective tissues

Topic 7. Extracellular matrix

Topic 8. Cells from the connective tissues

Topic 9. Varieties of connective tissues

Topic 10. Adipose tissue

Topic 11. Cartilaginous tissue

Topic 12. Osseous tissue



Topic 13. Introduction to blood

Topic 14. Blood cells

Topic 15. Haematopoiesis


Muscular tissues

Topic 16. Introduction to muscular tissues

Topic 17. Smooth muscle

Topic 18. Skeletal striated muscle          

Topic 19. Cardiac striated muscle

Topic 20. Other types of contracting cells


Nervous tissues

Topic 21. Introduction to nervous tissues

Topic 22. The neurone

Topic 23. interneuronal synapse             

Topic 24. Neuroglia

Topic 25. Peripheral nervous fiber. Peripheral nerve

Topic 26. Peripheral nerve endinds


Tegumentary system

Topic 27. The skin

Topic 28. Skin appendages


Practical program

Topic 1. Basic Histology Techniques

Topic 2. Epithelia

Topic 3. Exocrine glands

Topic 4. Endocrine glands

Topic 5. Connective tissue

Topic 6. Adipose tissue

Topic 7. Cartilaginous tissue

Topic 8. Osseous tissue

Topic 9. Blood

Topic 10. Muscular tissues

Topic 11. Nervous tissue

Topic 12.Tegumentary system

5.4. Course planning and calendar

The detailed calendar, including the days and hours of lectures, practical classes and seminars, as well as the dates and times of the exams, can be consulted in the ADD.

5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources



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