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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

296 - Degree in Geology

26423 - Mineral and Energy Resources

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Academic Year:
26423 - Mineral and Energy Resources
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100 - Facultad de Ciencias
296 - Degree in Geology
Second semester
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1.2. Recommendations to take this course

This course covers the processes that control the formation of ore deposits, energy and geothermal resources. Resource forming processes are examined in the framework of the tectonic, petrogenetic and geochemical evolution of the Earth's crust on local, regional and global geological scales. Thus, the course draws upon igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary processes, mineralogy, geochemistry and structural geology. To sum op, the course is designed to allow students to recognize exploration and targeting model for mineral and energy resources.

4.1. Assessment tasks (description of tasks, marking system and assessment criteria)

Assessment details

Exam (50%)

An exam is set at the end of the course to ensure summative knowledge of the course material.

Practicals (30%)

Practicals will cover aspects of hand sample mineral and rock identification, drill core logging and appraisal of alteration styles associated with mineralisation.  Worksheets are required to be handed in at the end of each practical, and/or combined with short take home assignments. 

Field work (20%)

The practical course will also involve a field practical to a several mine sites in some Spanish mining district. 

5.1. Methodological overview

More and more geologists are expressing opinions about our mineral and energy supplies and doing so, we incur and obligation to understand the factors that control their genesis. That is what this course is about. Consequently, students are expected to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theory, principles and practice of various fields of Geology.

This is the reason why, lectures will be complemented with practical sessions and a 5-days field trip. Students should be able to work independently and in teams in fieldwork and to demonstrate basic research-, creative problem-solving- and critical thinking-skills. At this level they should show well-developed communication skills and be able to structure logical arguments in both verbal and written forms in seminars and reports. Knowledge and skills will be assessed by means of written theory and practical assignments, field reports, and examinations.  

The University places a high priority on approaches to learning and teaching that enhance the student experience. Feedback is sought from students in a variety of ways including on-going engagement with staff, and the use of online discussion boards. Presentations as well lecture notes will be available at:

5.2. Learning tasks

Activity 1: Lectures: 30 hours

Activity 2: Practical Sessions: 24 hours

Activity 3: 4-day Field Trip

5.3. Syllabus

Introduction to Mineral Deposits.

Spanish mining law.

Mineral Resources.

  • Morphology, textures.
  • Ore-forming processes.
  • Hydrothermal alteration.
  • Ore Deposit Models.
  • Use of mineral resources.

Energy Resources.

  • Fuels
  • Nuclear energy
  • Geothermal resources.

Exploration and Evaluation of resources.

Environmental impacts


Practical sessions

Practical work emphasises the mesoscopic and microscopic recognition of ore minerals and textures in hand sample, drill core and polished sections. Drill core logging and mining software.


Field Trip

This course includes 5-day field trip to one of the major mining district of Spain.

5.4. Course planning and calendar

This course will be delivered by the following means:


3 x 1-hour lectures per week

1 x 2-hour practical per week


Timetables are available on


Additional Timetable Information


Monday and Thursday 10:50-10:50 (C-2)

Wednesday 11:00-11:50 (C-2)


Practical (students are required to sign onto 1 practical session only):

P1 Monday 15-17 (C-3-18)

P2 Monday 17-19 (C-3-18)

P3 Monday 19-21 (C-3-18)

5.5. Bibliography and recommended resources


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