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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

270 - Degree in Psychology

25934 - Human Resources

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Academic Year:
25934 - Human Resources
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301 - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
270 - Degree in Psychology
2 and 4 and 3
First Four-month period
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5.1. Methodological overview

The learning process that has been designed for this subject is based on the following:

A close connection between theory and practice, seeking the application of theory to real contexts. Emphasis will be placed on the active and meaningful learning of students.

5.2. Learning tasks

The program offered to the student to help achieve the expected results includes the following activities:

Theoretical sessions (3 ECTS) in which students will be encouraged to participate and learn actively, and practical sessions (3 ECTS) in which practical cases will be examined, and different techniques used in the management of Human resources will be revised. In these practical sessions, problem-solving will be encouraged and students will be asked to work in teams. 
PART I. Conceptual and object delimitation of the discipline. Yesterday and Today of the Human Resources function: challenges and challenges for the 21st century.
PART II. Additive processes versus subtractive processes (job and competency analysis, recruitment and selection, training, career development, performance evaluation, organizational exit).
The training parts are described in more detail in the syllabus (next section).

5.3. Syllabus

Lesson 1. Definition of organization.

Lesson 2. The role of human resources staff in the organization. 

Lesson 3. Strategic management of human resources.

Lesson 4. Job analysis and description.

Lesson 5. Human resources recruitment.

Lesson 6. Selection, reception, and guidance in the organization.

Lesson 7. Training and people development.

Lesson 8. Performance evaluation.

Lesson 9. Compensation system: internal and external equity.

Lesson 10. Compensation system: variable and indirect remuneration.

Lesson 11. The process of leaving the organization.

Lesson 12. Occupational health.

5.4. Course planning and calendar

Calendar: theoretical and practical sessions

The calendar of the theoretical classes and the practical sessions (including teamwork presentations) will be provided to the students on the first day of the course, and will also be available in Moodle.