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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

275 - Degree in Physiotherapy

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Academic Year:
25600 - Anatomy I. General anatomy and the anatomy of movement.
Faculty / School:
127 - Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud
275 - Degree in Physiotherapy
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Basic Education

5.3. Syllabus



UNIT 1.   Cytology, Histology, Embriology.

Theme 1-1.  Cell: Concept and generalities. Cellular membrane.

Theme 1-2. Cellular cytoplasme and organelles.

Theme 1-3. Cell cycle. Cell division processes.

Theme 1-4. Human tissues.

Theme 1-5. Gametogenesis. Fecundation. Initiation of embryonic development.

Theme 1-6. Embryonic period. Fetal period.

Theme 1-7. Fetal membranes. Amniotic liquid. Placenta.


UNIT 2.   Anatomy. Introduction and generalities of locomotor apparatus.

Theme 2-1.  Anatomy: Concept and historic references. Anatomic posture. Corporal spindles and corporal planes. Anatomical nomenclature and terminology.

Theme 2-2. Bones. Types of bones. External configuration and internal structure. Periosteum. Bone marrow. Ossification.

Theme 2-3. Joints. Types of joints. Structure, components and classification.

Theme 2-4. Skeletal muscles: Structure and components. Muscular innervation.

Theme 2-5. Peripheral nervous system.  Spinal nerves. Components, branches and  nervous plexus.


UNIT 3.   Locomotor apparatus: Trunk and neck.

Theme 3-1.  Vertebral column. Vertebrae. Sacrum and coccyx. The Column as a whole.

Theme 3-2. Bones of the pelvic girdle.  Coxal bone.

Theme 3-3. Bones of the thoracic cage. Ribs. Sternum.

Theme 3-4. Joints and ligaments of the vertebral column.

Theme 3-5. Joints and ligaments of the thoracic cage.

Theme 3-6. Muscles of the back. Muscles of the nape of the neck.

Theme 3-7. Muscles of the neck.

Theme 3-8. Muscles of the thoracic wall. Respiratory muscles. Diaphragm.

Theme 3-9. Muscles of the abdominal wall. Muscles of the pelvic floor.

Theme 3-10. Vessels and nerves of trunk and neck.


UNIT 4.    Locomotor apparatus: Lower limb.

Theme 4-1. Bones of the lower limb. Femur, Rotula, Tibia and Fibula.

Theme 4-2. Bones of the lower limb. Bones of the foot.

Theme 4-3. Pelvic joints and pelvic ligaments.

Theme 4-4. Hip joint. Muscles of the hip.

Theme 4-5. Muscles of the tigh.

Theme 4-6. Knee joint.

Theme 4-7. Tibiofibular joints. Ankle and foot joints.

Theme 4-8. Muscles of the leg. Muscles of the foot.

Theme 4-9. Vessels of the lower limb.

Theme 4-10. Nerves of the lower limb.


UNIT 5.   Locomotor apparatus: Upper limb.

Theme 5-1. Bones of the upper limb. Scapular girdle. Humerus.

Theme 5-2. Bones of the upper limb. Bones of the forearm and hand.

Theme 5-3. Joints and muscles of the scapular girdle.

Theme 5-4. Shoulder joint. Muscles of the shoulder.

Theme 5-5. Elbow joint. Radioulnar joints. Muscles of the arm.

Theme 5-6. Wrist joint. Joints of the hand.

Theme 5-7. Muscles of the forearm.

Theme 4-8. Muscles of the hand.

Theme 4-9. Vessels of the upper limb.

Theme 4-10. Nerves of the upper limb.


UNIT 6.  Locomotor apparatus: Head.

Theme 6-1. Skull bones. Skull vault and skull basis.

Theme 6-2. Facial bones. Orbit. Nasal cavity. Maxilla. Mandible.

Theme 6-3. Temporomandibular joint. Muscles of the mastication. Suprahyoid muscles.

Theme 6-4.  Facial muscles. Mimic muscles.