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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

278 - Degree in Fine Arts

25132 - Graphic Design Workshop I

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Academic Year:
25132 - Graphic Design Workshop I
Faculty / School:
301 - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
278 - Degree in Fine Arts
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2.1. Learning goals

The student, for passing this subject, should demonstrate the following results:


  1. Being able to project, clarify and express themselves in the language of the specialty.
  2. Select, understand and use the fonts on the proposals presented correctly and adapt to every problem.
  3. Knowing both typographical characters and their creators, their formal aspects and circumstances of origin.
  4. Solve each unit proper functionality and types of compositions on the particular layout.
  5. Using the tools of Graphic Design.
  6. Distinguish and apply knowledge regarding modes of reproduction and printing on various printing techniques and processes.
  7. Perceptual speed dominate the variety of contrived, selection of colors, ranges and pantones and arrangement of the degrees of inclination of each of frames comprising process colors to prevent moiré.
  8. Direct and control the whole process as final art.
  9. Distinguish and apply formulas layout in magazines, newspapers, catalogs, reports, books, and use professional softwar for implementation.
  10. Knowing and applying the rhetoric of the image, its formulas and varieties of composition.
  11. Analyze each phase projective qualities that are based on a visual proposal or a corporate identity, to expedite and implement the most appropriate model to the proposed objectives.
  12. Study in depth the needs of a commercial or cultural product and give it a unique personality that distinguishes it in the competitive market.

5.3. Syllabus

1. Presentation

a. Presentation of the subject

b. Evaluation systems

c. Teacher presentation

d. Presentation of the literature



2. Theory of graphic design I

a. From the vanguards to the 60.

b. Current graphic designers. Trends.

c. Text analysis for a conceptualization of Graphic Design



3. PRACTICE: Work methodology.

a. Documentation. Booklets. creative process. Resources: drawing, photography, others. digital treatment. Final artwork.


4. Practices. Exercises limited time, finishes and results.




1. Protodiseño of the artistic avant-garde and its influence on graphic design.

2. Typography

a. Notions and history of typography

b. Calligraphy

c. Graphics Workshop Resources: Lettering

d. Experimental typography

e. FontLab technology


3. Custom poster. Contests and customers. Graphic trends. Professional finish.


4. Processes. Printing, artwork and color management

a. Introduction to digital imaging


5. Workshop resources for creating the image.


6. Editorial design I: periodicals

a. Type of publications: Newspapers / Magazines

b. Graphic Design: Referentes.

c. The cover and structure: visual hierarchy of elements.

i. Header design

ii. The art direction and photography for cover.

iii. A graphic system for book covers.

d. Page layout

i. The compositional grid and structuring content

ii. Global design guidelines: master pages, applied typography, images and color.

iii. Composition of complex texts and styles.

e. Pace and sequence of the project: articles, reports, sections, index, advertising, etc.

f. Final preparation for art and digital pre-press / off-set

g. Scheme of continuity or discontinuity in the publishing frequency

h. Printing prototype / mock-ups of the project


7. Workshop conceptual image for newspaper articles.


8. Editorial design II: books and publishing

a. The printed book art book

b. Graphics Workshop resources: bookbinding.



9. Design and rhetoric

a. The metaphors.

b. Concepts.


10. Branding:

a. Visual identity

i. Naming, branding and application font

ii. Symbols

iii. Visual identity

b. Packaging

i. Workshop resources.

ii. Packaging: typologies.

iii. Images and product type. Backgrounds, titles, colors, attention.