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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

278 - Degree in Fine Arts

25130 - Printmaking Workshop I

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Academic Year:
25130 - Printmaking Workshop I
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301 - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
278 - Degree in Fine Arts
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5.3. Syllabus

1 Thread RECORDED 1. materico, additive, CUTS PARENT, OTHER PROCESSES.

Matérico recorded. Carborundum (different grains), collagraph. Additive and subtractive techniques.

Substrates: Plastics, cardboard, wood, different adhesives. Incorporation of grids, ropes and other elements.

Dies, embossing, die cuts and perforations with drills and other means.

Interplay between different processes. Mixture of graphics procedures.

Monochrome printing and various inks.


2 Topic 2. THE SCREEN: History, origin and screen printers. Screen printing in the twentieth century.

Permeografía concepts or artistic silkscreen. Stenciled. The stain color.

Racks and displays. Fabrics, properties, nylon, silk, other. Topcoats and insulators. manual process, sunstroke. photographic images (photographic cliche). Insoladora. Exposure times, revealed. direct and indirect manual cliches and direct and indirect photographic cliches. Blockers.

Silkscreen ink.

The color screen printing.

Stamping strip, semi-automatic machine. Cleaners.



3 Topic 3. MIXED MEDIA. Interplay between procedures and creative freedom.

additive combination, recorded in size and embossed with screen printing.

mixed images using the above techniques and their adaptation to personal creative idea. mixed intaglio printing, relief and screen printing. Roles and pressures.

photographic silkscreen: New digital and electronic technologies applied to artistic silkscreen.


4 END OF COURSE: Interaction of techniques, screen printing and additive dominance.

Applying taught in the course to personal graphic work content.

Planning and scheduling

Schedule sessions and presentation of Works.



The delivery schedule will be established in the presentation of the subject. Each technique is linked to delivery and evaluation of work.