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Academic Year/course: 2017/18

278 - Degree in Fine Arts

25129 - Sculpture Workshop

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Academic Year:
25129 - Sculpture Workshop
Faculty / School:
301 - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
278 - Degree in Fine Arts
4 and 3
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5.1. Methodological overview

 We propose an active methodology from both of them the student and the teacher.


The students must go to class, this is fundamental to the overcoming of the subject. The students must also submit also their work (make out result of the class work) within the deadlines.


The teacher will present the subject. Then each student must adapt these proposals to their interests, expectations and personal criterio.


The structure will be: Proposal- information- development- analysis


The teacher will make a theoretical introduction (masterclass) supported by images (expository classes) and a list of reference sources that students must consult.


Each student, previously to the definitive work, must make, one or more two-dimensional and three-dimensional sketches (autonomous student work, supervised work in the classroom by the teacher) two-dimensional and three-dimensional that will facilitate the definitive execution of the work.


The development of the contents of the subject must be strengthened by the student. They are encouraed to visit must see exhibitions, they must visit artists'studios, art fairs, etc. (autonomous student activity). They must submit a report or personal summary of these activities.


We pretend that the students to conceives the subject as comprehensive process learning from the teacher proposals until the final materialization of work. When students submit sketches, notes, reflections, bibliography, images and other elements, they will combine in a final report (DIN A4 format) with all exercises finished, for evaluation or, as portfolio at the end of the course.


Once completed the exercise, each student will presents his exercise to the rest of another students (presentation and individual defense). Projects done in groups will also be presented and defended.The studens have has to develop the ability to communicate, explain in an orderly and consistent work, favouring debate and critical sense in the class group.

5.3. Syllabus

0. Prevention of occupational hazards (safety in the classroom)


  1. Sculpture now:


  • The body. (Body Casts and Surrogates, The Abject Body, The Absent Body, Transformed Bodies).
  • The Everyday (Readymade, Synthetic, Junk, Provisional).
  • Light and Sound (Light, Sound, Sculpture of the Moving Image).
  • Nature and Ecology (Biotechnology, Taxidermy, Plant life, Ecology).
  • Design and Handmade (Architecture, The Designed Environment, New Modernism, Design Objects, Handmade).
  • Installation (Space Invaders, Acumulation and Suspensions, Atmosphere and Sensory, Tableaux or The Stage, Environment, Political and Social Concerns). 
  • Sitings (Public Sculpture, Monuments and Anti-Monuments, Sculpture parks and Urban Projetcs, The Institution).


2. Presentation. Initial proposal (lines of individual work. 



3. The metal. 

  • Metal construction technique.
  • Forge.
  • Emptying.


4. The wood.

  • Wood carving.
  • Construction Wood (the studens must make a puppet).
  • Free work.

5. The stone.

  • Stone working techniques.


6. Free final work.